What Are the Types of Sofas

Choosing a sofa is quite a responsible step. It is important to choose very carefully. The sofa will serve you for a long time. So it is better to study all the necessary characteristics and purchase the best one.

Such furniture should harmoniously fit into the interior of your home space. Particular attention should be paid to how the sofa will be used. Note that the bedding sofa is a very good solution for organizing home space.

Transformation Type – Book

Surely many people have heard about such a mechanism for transforming a sofa as a book. The principle of his work is extremely simple. You just need to fully raise the seat. After a click is heard, lower the seat back down. As a result of these simple actions, the back of the sofa will also fall down. This mechanism has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  • Such sofas are usually made of wood or durable metals. So they stand out for their durability.
  • To transform a sofa into a bed, you need to apply a minimum of effort and time.
  • A nice bonus is the presence of drawers under the seat and backrest. So there you can store bedding or any other things.

There are also such disadvantages of the mechanism:

  • The sofa-book has to be placed at a small distance from the wall. Otherwise, you will have to constantly move it during the transformation.
  • There are models on which you can notice depressions between the back and the seat. So it is better to take it into account when choosing a sofa.

Eurobook: Yes or No?

If you want to know which sofa transformation mechanism is the most common, then the answer will be unequivocal. This is everyone’s favorite eurobook. You can find several mechanisms: walking and roll-out.

Let’s talk about the walking eurobook. It is also called “Tick-Tock”. The essence of the mechanism is that you need to raise the seat quite a bit and push it forward. This movement looks like a step. The backrest must simply be lowered manually. The bed is ready. The roll-out eurobook unfolds even easier. Just roll the seat forward. Cushions from the sofa can be removed in the drawers that appear under the seat. Lower the back down onto the drawers.

Eurobook is not for everyone. Consider carefully its pros and cons. The advantage is the simplicity of the mechanism. It is also good that the joint between the back and the seat is not visible when the sofa is unfolded. The disadvantage is that as a result of frequent unfolding and folding, the wheels can leave marks on the floor.

We looked at just a few options for bedding sofas. If you want to choose the most suitable one, you should study all the options offered on the furniture market.

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