The Christmas Spirit of Murano Glass

The best time of the year is coming again, one holiday after another we will experience the holiday season once more. Unfortunately, the previous 2020 didn’t let us enjoy these beautiful moments as much as we should, we couldn’t be with all our loved ones, and the mood wasn’t the same. However, this year we are having the big break that we deserve, we can finally group all of our loved ones and enjoy the happiness of the Holiday season together.

If you are like most of us, then you too cannot wait to open up the decorations and start decorating for Christmas, to bring that Christmas mood. And, no one can blame us, in a world filled with stress and work, we all like to ease our heads and focus on things that make us happy, and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of real happiness since we were children.

To be honest, when it comes to this part of the season, I get excited just from the anticipation of the holidays, in a similar way as we all get excited with the anticipation in the weeks before a vacation. That’s because decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!

If you would like to fire up the Christmas decorations early this year, go for it, in fact there is a scientist study that says that “People who begin Christmas celebrations early are happier”. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I surely do feel happier when I start decorating, and since we spent last Christmas sheltered in place during the pandemic, we could all use a little extra holiday cheer this year.

If you need more convincing on why to bring out the big decorative guns, well aside from making you happier by turning on the “holiday spirit”, it will also bring some joy to the people in your neighborhood and make you some new friends too, because everyone loves the friendly jolly neighbor. Plus, it’s getting darker outside so you can fire up the Christmas lights, and last but not least, to show off your new decorations.

Speaking of decorations, there are many ideas to get you started, all of which make you happy, help you connect with the neighbors, and bring some light to the winter gloom, however, there is one type of decoration that has taken over the world by a storm, one that interior decorators and luxury lover cannot resist, and that is the Murano Glass Christmas Décor.

Murano Glass is actually a very famous glass-making technique that produces figures ranging from vases, centerpieces, and even Christmas Décor. It’s completely handmade by true masters, and it’s made on the island of Murano, thus the name, which is located next to the floating city of Venice. In fact, no one else, but artisans from Murano can make it, and in order to distinguish original from fake Murano glass figures, the province of Veneto where Venice and Murano are located has issued a law protecting these figures with a Trademark of Originality. These creations have been around since the 13th century and the techniques for its creation is passed from generation to generation, from father to son.

The Murano Glass Christmas Décor ranges from Christmas Balls, Holiday Sculptures, Figurines, Placeholders and Nativity Scenes, which are all made with exquisite techniques that give the colors and design which really makes Murano Glass décor so eccentric and grandeur. These Christmas decorations will light up the surrounding environment with their colorful light, but at the same time, they will add a touch of elegance and refinement typical of Murano blown glass.

The designs of these ornaments are one of a kind due to them being hand-crafted, so each piece is similar but never the same, giving the exclusive look. As for the colors, they are gotten by mixing many minerals for each color, as well as adding gold and silver sparkles to give a more luxurious look.

So, if you want to show your luxurious side this Christmas and you are bored of the same old decorations, you can give an original twist to your Christmas tree with the Murano Glass decorations. Luminous, colorful, and elegant, these unique glass decorations will make your Christmas tree shine with its own light and become the focal point of your room! You can also make a refined atmosphere in your living or dining room by adding a Murano Glass Christmas Sculpture that will definitely catch the eye of all the house guests you host around this period. And if you want to go a step further, you can revolutionize your traditional Christmas decorations with one of the nativity scenes. They are unique collectible items, entirely handmade in the middle of the Venetian lagoon by expert Murano glassmakers through the refined art of glassblowing. Available in different colors and styles to suit any home décor and bring special light and elegance.

Besides using them as decorations, these figures make amazing gifts. Everyone will love a piece of Italian culture and heritage in their home, especially in the form of Christmas Decorations. All these figures can be bought in the stores in Venice, or in a much more convenient way, by Online Shopping. However, when you buy them online, make sure to do so through the authentic stores that carry the Trademark of Originality, such as

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