Safest Areas in London for Families to Live

Despite the skyrocketing demand for properties across the boroughs of London, people are now slowing down their search. People approaching Hyde Park Letting Agents want them to consider safety as a priority during their hunt for ideal neighbourhoods for a home. The crime rates are different in different parts of London, and here is the complete list of safe boroughs for families to kickstart their living.


One of London’s sought-after neighbourhoods happens to be this leafy suburb, which is conveniently located not too far from the city or too near to the never-ending honking in the streets. Kensington and Chelsea have always been the ideal spot for families with children to set foot here to begin their life. The crime rates are significantly low compared to other central parts of London due to the line-up of family homes.


The perfect transfusion of culture and residential area is Notting Hill, located north of Kensington in the western part of London. When living in Notting Hill, the question of commuting never arises due to the mainline stations that help people travel within the city, while the access to M3, M4 and M40 lines can lead them up to the countryside and crime rates are low in this part of London.


London is well-known for having several green boroughs across the city. Richmond is one of them and the main reason for people to move there, especially families. Known as one of the safest boroughs makes Richmond an attractive neighbourhood. From travel links to jaw-dropping architecture, everything is perfect for any resident living in Richmond. Not to forget the riverside, which draws people to this place frequently where they can enjoy a pleasant evening on a colourful boat.


Just like any other neighbourhood of London, Fitzrovia is a perfect blend of residential and commercial streets with a whole lot of welcoming atmosphere. Most parts of this region are made of quiet and empty streets, making it a safe haven for the residents. The safety metre is wickedly high in this part of London with a mix of residents from students to high-profile celebrities. One of London’s oldest properties can be found here for a few pounds to large mansions that would cost a fortune. 


Though it is one of the pricey areas of London, Hampstead has got one of the best collections of detached homes and townhouses. People living here can experience utmost safety while travelling together or alone in the streets. It is a moderately populated area with a bunch of high-earning individuals residing here. Buses, green links and six other underground tubes are found in Hampstead, making travel an easy chore. 


London is known for its posh neighbourhoods where people often flaunt their riches in the form of modern homes, shopping and more. Knightsbridge happens to be one of them were people with their pockets overflowing move into this neighbourhood and settle down. Several London properties here are detached townhouses that provide a good amount of peace and privacy for families living here. Crime rates are low here, and a superb spot for budding families. 


One can never compromise on the community spirit and the busy streets at Paddington. Properties for Rent or sale available here fall under the affordable range making it convenient for anybody to move into this borough. London’s sought-after pubs can be seen at Paddington, along with great cuisines and vibrant nightlife. Commuting from one place to another is effortless with the iconic station of Paddington that has people swarming throughout the day.


When it comes to crime rates and safety, Fulham never fails to win a clear score that goes above average. Fulham is a culturally dynamic neighbourhood where people from different parts of the world can be seen here. With a balance of vibrance and quiet life, Fulham has always been the most talked about borough in London. The city’s best schools, pubs, restaurants and tourist spots are found here at Fulham. 


Several boroughs are developing at the rate of knots in London, and Mayfair happens to top this list. Considering the living conditions and the posh factor that draws several people to this place. Due to this reason, families are moving here in numbers, and retired individuals tend to enjoy even more the balanced lifestyle this borough offers. Residential units are quite pricey, which filters the audience who hunt for homes.


Sutton never fails to rank among the top five safest places in London every year. Not much noise or bustle can be seen in this region, making it a highly desirable place among people wanting to lead a subdued lifestyle. One of London’s best Victorian housings can be found here that is magnificent and in the not-so-pricey range. Sutton holds a periodic vibe on one side and a vibrant lifestyle, including food, transport, prosperous culture, schools and more. 

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