Make an impression that lasts with outdoor lighting

The exteriors of your home are the first rendezvous between your guests. To pave a way towards the interiors of your home one must take a walk through the outdoors. At your main entrance (usually the front door), your outdoor light enlightens the lock and helps you to identify visitors.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can create a wonderful impression on your visitors with outdoor lighting. Remember, if you want well-lit doors don’t forget to install outdoor wall lights on both sides of the entrance. We’ve mentioned a step-by-step guide to help you pick perfect outdoor lighting suitable for your space.

Step 1: Decide what kind of lighting you need?

Think about the light intensity you need. Decide whether you need functional lighting or mood lighting. Do you want to highlight certain trees and shrubs? Consider alternating bright and soft light to create a beautiful effect. 

 Step 2: Determine the direction of the light for each light point. 

Also figure out the direction the light should be directed to achieve the desired lighting effect. Want to brighten up a fence or wall? Are you trying to put the driveway in a concave ground seat? In that case do I have to fix it so that the light shines upwards, or do I have to adjust it to point the light myself? 

 Step 3: Choose an Appropriate Voltage 

 Think about whether the area is suitable for both low voltage (12 volts) and high voltage (230 volts). Low voltage lights can be easily installed by yourself, but high voltage lights are recommended to be installed by a certified electrician.

Step 4: Choose Style

Choose from an array of styles like transitional, contemporary, modern, and industrial and a myriad to choose from range of outdoor lighting from EGLO. The type of lighting you choose plays a key role in injecting a vibe to your space. So, consult with your designer and get a fair idea about which style would complement your taste.

Step 5: Save Energy with LED outdoor wall lights

Conscious purchasing is the need of the hour, save the environment as well as saves from burning a hole in your pocket with led outdoor light fixtures from EGLO. Do you know LED lights can reduce your bills up to 75% and lasts 25% longer than incandescent lighting?LED outdoor lighting is the future, and it is quickly becoming the industry standard lamp. Since they use little energy and eliminate the need for bulb replacements that last for years, you can put more lights on the same transformer, and use a smaller, cheaper transformer to do it.

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