Different Types of Vinyl Material You Can Choose for Your Retail Signage Solutions

Retail stores depend a lot on attractive signage both outside and inside to draw the attention of potential customers and encourage them to drop in and browse the available collection. The choice in signage can be bewildering for most laypeople; however, if you understand the characteristics of each type, you will be in a better position to choose what is appropriate for your requirement. A brief look at understanding what vinyl is and what types are available:

What is Vinyl? 

Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic plastic polymer that finds a large number of diverse uses across different industries because of its multiple properties. It is the mainstay of the advertising industry, especially for retail and outdoor applications, because you can print multicolor and complex graphics on it for a brilliant effect. The material is highly durable, weatherproof, and flame-resistant. Some of the more popular types of vinyl material used in the advertising industry:

Gloss Vinyl

As the name suggests, glass vinyl is manufactured to have a shiny and smooth surface. This kind of vinyl is ideal when you want a shiny finish with a better performance against the elements. You can get gloss vinyl in a large number of colors, over which you can print in as many colors as you like. If cared for, vinyl signs fabricated from the gloss material can easily last for three to five years for most colors and even more if you choose to go with white or black.

Matte Vinyl

This type of vinyl is manufactured to have a matte and non-reflective surface that many people prefer over the shiny effect as it is supposed to be more sophisticated. The use of matter vinyl is ideal when there is the likelihood of bright lights reflecting off the material, making it difficult for people to see the graphics or the message. It is why most designers prefer to use matte vinyl in environments like shopping malls or for applications like step and repeat backdrops where you can have very bright lights shining on it. Matte vinyl has a life of two to three years, according to Wall Décor Plus More.

Translucent Vinyl

This kind of vinyl is ideal for application on windows and office partitions because while it lets the light in and prevents you from feeling claustrophobic, it allows you to retain your privacy. In addition to the conventional white frosted look, you can also get some beautiful colors to go with the color palette of your brand logo. You can choose from some interesting frosted effects and patterns.


There is vinyl for virtually every kind of requirement. It is an incredibly versatile material. In addition to the popular glossy, matte, and translucent varieties, you can also choose a transparent vinyl or one that allows you to write on it using chalk as if it were a blackboard. For special requirements, you can opt for a metallic finish vinyl that not only offers the material in colors like gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc., on both gloss or matte finishes but also unusual finishes like graphite, pearl, and more.

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