Caring For a Senior: Why Home Care Is The Best

Caring for an older adult can be overwhelming. Managing your demanding schedule can, more often than you might like to admit, take a toll on your progress, affecting the quality of care you provide to your loved older adult. Most people, in such circumstances, are torn between sending their loved ones to assisted living facilities and hiring a home care service. While both have their benefits, home care offers a lot more, especially with top-class services like Home Care in London, Ontario. Let’s look at some of the advantages home care has, making it the best approach as you look to improve your senior’s quality of life.


Most seniors vehemently refuse help as they don’t want to admit they are struggling, fearing that they’ll lose their independence. Greater independence facilitated by home care services is among the top advantages that make it an ideal solution. Your older adult maintains independence in areas that they can manage with less or no support. They can maintain their everyday routine, from walking, bathing and dressing, preparing meals, among others. They might only need minor support and supervision to ensure they remain safe. Living independently and at home as long as possible improves the quality of their life, translating to a healthier, happier, and longer life.

Comfort and convenience

Living in familiar surroundings gives your loved senior more comfort. The comfort of sticking to their routine as much as possible gives them a sense of normalcy, not to mention it is in a place they are comfortable. This is a significant advantage in such uncertain times that they don’t feel at their best. With home care services, you’ll ensure that the place is primed to create a safer environment, reducing risks such as slips and falls. The convenience is a lot more in your favour. You won’t keep making those trips to care facilities. Moreover, since Vera Home Care helps manage any medication needed, you won’t have to worry about many trips to the hospital, especially due to harmful drug interactions. Your senior is comfortable at home, and with the convenience delivered by a home care professional, you can keep up with your schedule without as many interruptions.

Personalized attention

When you opt for assisted living facilities, your loved one isn’t the only senior in place. While they gear their services to address their needs, the approach isn’t as personalized as is with home care services. Vera Home Care delivers a personalized approach, relying on evidence-based practices to deliver quality care. With high-quality one-on-one care, your loved one gets what they need and at the right time. This makes the care more effective, improving the older adult’s quality of life.

Home care services are more affordable. What’s more, they save more money as you avoid costly concerns like many hospital trips and the need for more intensive care. The best part is that, with home care, maintaining healthy companionship with friends and relatives is easier. Home visits are better, unlike in a facility, as there are no time restrictions like visiting hours. Above are only a few advantages. Home care wins on many more fronts, making it an ideal approach as you look to supercharge the care delivered to your loved older adult.

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