7 Benefits of Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic gardening is becoming more and more popular as a way to maximise the space available to growers everywhere. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process, hydroponic gardening involves growing healthy plants without soil. Hydroponic systems utilise mineral solutions in water rather than soil to encourage plant growth. All healthy plants need to grow and prosper is water and sunlight, meaning the process is relatively simple once you have the correct equipment. 

Now you may think that hydroponics will be the domain of large professional growers, however, this is far from the truth, as hydroponics offers lots of benefits to the green-fingered amateur as well. So, we thought we would look at some of those benefits for you. 

It Maximises Space

Because of their very nature, hydroponic gardens require significantly less space than soil-based ones. This is because plants with small roots can be grown much closer together. As a result, hydroponic gardening can be performed anywhere. So, irrespective of whether you live in a small apartment or a house with a large garden, hydroponic gardening is an option for you. 

Hydroponic Gardening is Very Affordable

There is a range of systems available from simple introductory set-ups to more advanced ones for use in commercial growth. This means there is something available to suit every level of gardening and budget. All the different systems can be easily sourced from one of the many hydroponics shops both online and the high street.

Hydroponic Gardening Saves Water

Plants grown in a hydroponic system will use approximately 10% of the water of those grown in soil. This is a result of the water being re-used or re-circulated. In hydroponic systems, plants absorb the water they need while any excess water is taken back into the system. Water loss only occurs through evaporation or system leaks. This makes hydroponics both an efficient and eco-friendly way to grow plants.

Hydroponics Allows You to Control the Climate

Just the same as a greenhouse, a hydroponics system will give you complete control over the climate. A Hydroponics System allows you to adjust temperatures, light and humidity levels as and when required. This allows you to continue to grow plants all year round without the need to keep one eye on the weather forecast.

Hydroponics Gives You a Faster Growth Rate

Because you have complete control over growing conditions and the nutrients needed you can maximise growth. This leads to a shorter growing cycle and a more productive garden even if it is smaller in size. 

Hydroponic Gardens Offer Better Results

Crops grown in a hydroponic system are in most cases healthier and have increased nutritional value. Vegetables grown hydroponically are thought to have approximately 50% more vitamin content than those grown in a conventional soil-based environment.

Hydroponic Gardening is Less Labour Intensive

The fact that you are not required to tend the soil, remove weeds or do many of those other tasks normally associated with gardening, results in a lot less work for any gardener. As a result, hydroponic gardening can be a lot less stressful, which undoubtedly make it a more enjoyable experience.

So, in conclusion, there are many reasons why hydroponic gardening the way could be forward irrespective of whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or an experienced professional.

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